Why is YiffIndex for me?
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New Version Out: 1.14 - 07/04/2016!!!

YiffIndex is an image indexing program specially made for furries. Despite its name, it is not only for yiff pics, it's for furry images with additional support for the adult type, but "FurIndex" wouldn't sound quite as catchy.

The main functionality of YiffIndex is tagging furry images with informations like who drew them, who's on them, what species are in the pic and so on. Indexed images can be searched with a powerful search function. Because there are thousands of furry images out there and many furries have probably more images that they would be ever willing to tag alone, YiffIndex includes an online database that lets you upload your tags and download the ones of other users.

The great goal of YiffIndex is to eventually have every furry image ever made in its Database.