Current supported minecraft version: 1.9 - Many thanks to Inostupid Streams for updating it

It'll probably still work with newer or older versions

09/01/2016: Update to 1.9 by Inostupid Streams, thanks
04/18/2013: Update to 1.5.1. Added 30 blocks and 23 Items!
08/27/2012: Update to 1.3.2. Added additional tree types, sandstone types, 10 Blocks and 3 items.
03/11/2012: Update to 1.2.3. Added 2 Items and 2 Blocks. Also added a workaround for the "ShortTag cannot be cast to IntTag"-Error (that is actually a problem with the exporting program, not with S2B)
01/22/2012: Update to final 1.1.0. 20 items and 13 blocks added. Added print functionality, Marker functionality and fixed the memory problem.
11/7/2011: Update to beta 1.8.1 and various bugfixes. 10 items and 22 blocks added.
7/8/2011: Improved the could-not-parse-file error messages
6/28/2011: Added a text export that's compatible with the Builders-Mod



Texture pack support
How to start

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Schematic2Blueprint is a program to slize MineCraft Schematic export files into single planes. Some people like I myself lack the creativity to build something great in MineCraft, but we still enjoy building stuff. With this program, it is possible to take awesome stuff other people made (and released as Schematic files) and generate a blueprint out of them for rebuilding them.
It also supports exports in either PNG images for the single layers or animated GIF files.

It is also usefull for finding hidden stuff in the schematics, for example, the Millennium Falcon (see below) contains a hidden smuggler chamber that most people probably wouldn't even expect.

A great source for such Schematic files is the website

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Texture pack support

Schematic2Blueprint supports MineCraft texture packs of the size 16x16. The process to do this is similar to the normal install process of the texture pack. You have to take the terrain.png and items.png images out of the texturepack, then open the Schematic2Blueprint jar file in an archive program like WinZip, go to the directory /klaue/mcschematictool/ inside it and replace the terrain.png and items.png there with those of the texture pack.

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The Schematic used in the screenshots is "Millennium Falcon Flying.schematic", which is, as the name implies, the Millennium Falcon from Star Wars. Megatech rebuilt it inside MineCraft and was nice enough to let people have the schematic of it, downloadable here.

The main GUI:
GUI Schematic2Blueprint

PNG exports:
PNG export of Schematic2Blueprint

Block counter:
Block counter of Schematic2Blueprint

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How to start

You'll need java version 6, but since MineCraft itself needs java, you'll probably allready have it.

If everything works, you can just double-click the bat (windows) or the sh (linux, mac (probably)).

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Schematic2Blueprint (All operating systems - jar) (667 KB, zip)
The source is contained inside the jar file.

Oracle pulled a fast one on us, newest (Oracle) Java versions have horrible licencing. So either choose 1.8, the last proper version, or chose OpenJDK:
Java 1.8 via
Newest Java via

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Would be nice if you would drop a link back to me if you put it in another forum or extend it. As for the rest, you're only bound to the licence of JNBT. See the Licence directory in the jar file for the full licence text.

Schematic2Blueprint also uses the GIF encoder from FM Software

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#358 gombo wrote at 11/03/2023 04:47 AM (EST):
Is there a way I can update it myself? Theoretically, you only have to assign the new blocks or is that more difficult than I think?

#359 Klaue wrote at 11/03/2023 05:18 AM (EST):
I think you quite underestimate it :)
Even in the past each update was loads of work.
Most blocks needed to be handled separately, because it was not just one block, one image. Take stairs. All wood stairs had the same ID, but an extra marker which type of wood it was, which direction it was and so on, so all types and directions needed extra work.

And so much has changed in Minecraft over those 7 years. I'm not even sure if schematic files are still in use or use the same format. Block IDs seem to have changed from numeric values to text values in Minecraft 1.13, see
It seems the NBT format (that's the format used in schematic files) still uses numerical values, but I'm not 100% sure about that, but even if not, plenty changed in that as well:

So.. if you wanted to update it, even if schematic files were still used and still used the same numerical IDs for (most of) the "old" blocks as back 7 years ago, and that's a big if, it would still be plenty of work.
It's not done in an hour or two, that's for sure

#357 hannes obermaier wrote at 01/07/2023 07:31 PM (EST):
brauch ich

#352 nik wrote at 07/30/2022 12:03 PM (EST):
when i try to poen the windiws bat i couldnt open it

#353 Klaue wrote at 07/30/2022 04:26 PM (EST):
Well do you have java?

Also note that this was vor (schematics of) Minecraft 1.9 - this was 6 years ago. It won't work for any new schematics. So you probably don't need it anyway

#356 hannes wrote at 01/07/2023 07:29 PM (EST):

#354 paddington08 wrote at 09/22/2022 11:07 PM (EST):

#355 Dogshank wrote at 12/03/2022 03:21 AM (EST):

#350 Hüseyin Kenar wrote at 02/21/2022 04:11 AM (EST):

#351 па wrote at 02/25/2022 08:14 AM (EST):

#349 lenny wrote at 10/11/2021 11:31 AM (EST):
you should play minecraft again so you can update this thing ngl

#345 RLyons wrote at 10/03/2021 03:04 PM (EST):
Silly question, but would you open to updating this program or making a new version of it for money?

I'd buy it. Either Patreon or something else.

#346 Klaue wrote at 10/03/2021 04:46 PM (EST):
You'd probably be the only one, and I haven't played Minecraft for years, so no :)
Maybe you can get someone else to do it, it's open source after all.
but from what I remember I think by now there are other programs that basically do the same as this one did, so just google around a bit. I think I saw one or two mentioned on reddit when I googled the name of my program out of curiosity

#347 RLyons wrote at 10/04/2021 04:44 AM (EST):
You have? I've looked all over and haven't found anything. Litematica is an in-game mod that messes with my other mods.

I really love how S2B is an independent program.

Thanks anyway!

#348 Klaue wrote at 10/04/2021 04:20 PM (EST):
looked it up again, it was
Upload is hidden top-right and below and below you can set the layer. It shows everything up to the selected layer, but I think that could only help

#343 max wrote at 08/29/2021 04:40 PM (EST):
i cannot use the function count blocks in Schematics2Blueprints... it just doesn't show


#344 Klaue wrote at 08/29/2021 06:34 PM (EST):
I'm afraid you'll have to life with that. The last update was for minecraft version 1.9, 5 years ago - any blocks added afterwards may break it, which is probably what causes your issue.

#341 jorrit wrote at 07/22/2021 01:31 PM (EST):


#342 ho wrote at 08/28/2021 06:03 AM (EST):

#340 Mr Swag wrote at 07/14/2021 03:34 PM (EST):
this is pretty swag
still works swag
wish this was more updated that would be swag

#338 Depression wrote at 07/02/2021 11:31 PM (EST):
how do i open block counter its not working when i click on it

#339 jaims_garm wrote at 07/04/2021 07:18 PM (EST):
Im a stupid russian kid!!

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