Kobold Adventure Save Game Editor

You need to export your save from the game first. Ingame, go to "Save", select the slot you want to edit and hit the small export button beneath the large save button. Autosaves can't be exported.
Importing is done the same way on the load screen. It will create a new save slot.

Beware: The game might crash on opening load/save screen if it can't parse the save. Better export all saves you have before tinkering to have a backup in case you need to reset.
Use at your own risk, don't blame me if your game breaks because you added 400 trillion coins :)
Made for modern browsers, if something does not work, try a modern browser.

Made for game version 2.6205 (Soul-Alone). May or may not work on later versions



The game might change the set values on it's own volition when you progress.
Genders marked with * have a remark "Probably unsupported" in the game's code, use at your own risk.


body parts you don't have will always be virginal


Note: Max value ingame is 100 for all stats. Set a new maximum at your own risk


If a value is "unknown" it means it didn't exist at the time this save editor was made. When exporting the edited save, slots set to "unknown" will not be changed.




Just unzip and open KoboldAdventureSGE.html in browser


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