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Please note, ChromeDriver had issues with Chrome 103. If you have plenty of issues, upgrade chrome to version 104 or later


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Furry Crossposter allows you to quickly crosspost your art to diverse gallery sites. Supported are FurAffinity, Furry Network, InkBunny, Weasyl, e621, deviantArt and SoFurry.

Please note that it might not work on all sites if you set the language to anything different than english!

If you set the langage in english, and it still doesn't work, delete the partly finished upload, in neccessary, and just try again, on some sites, esp. Furry Network, it fails some times for no reason but works fine the second time around.
If the browser opens but nothing happens, close all chrome windows beforehand.

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Newest updates

Version 1.23 (2024-04-22): Updated Webdrivermanager and Selenium to newest version.

Version 1.22 (2023-09-30): Webdrivermanager needed an update, newest Chromium drivers weren't received. Also added that you can drag and drop image files on the dialog.

Version 1.21 (2023-05-28): Chrome update needs a new parameter to run

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GUI Furry Crossposter

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System requirements

Java2 version 11 or newer. You can check if you have it using this command line command (Windows: Start->run->cmd):

java -version

If you get nothing or if it's telling you that it doesn't know the command "java", you probably don't have java. If you get something, it should look like this:

If the number is 11 or higher, FurryCrossposter should run.

If you don't have Java or an old version, you can download the newest one at "Download".

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How to start

If everything works, you can just double-click the jar file, but sometimes a compressing software like WinZip graps this file extension or just nothing happens.
In that case, try to run the Jarfix if you're using windows, or just open it in command line using java -jar FurryCrossposter.jar on other platforms (or use google ;))

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Furry Crossposter 1.23
Sourcecode Furry Crossposter 1.23

Newest Java via Eclipse Adoptium

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#67 Tobutz wrote at 07/04/2021 05:13 PM (EST):
Hi, ich habe genau nach so einem Programm hier gesucht :) Unterstützt du es noch? Bzw. gibt es noch andere da draußen evtl. für Android?

#68 Klaue wrote at 07/06/2021 01:39 AM (EST):
naja so halb. FA, SF und weasyl klappen sicher noch, die brauch ich selber. FN wollte nie so richtig. Der Rest funktioniert vielleicht noch, lange nicht ausprobiert.
von allem was ich sagen kann bin ich eh der einzige der es benutzt, alle anderen nehmen postybirb, was ich persönlich nicht so praktisch finde.

für android (handy allgemein) kenn ich nix sorry

#66 hari rh wrote at 11/02/2019 04:04 AM (EST):
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#60 wolvalix wrote at 10/18/2017 01:37 AM (EST):
feedback: the browser seems to have no thumbnail view, would be very handy for finding art fast in a folder with a hundred images.

tumblr and twitter support, they are honestly maybe 50% of furrydom these days absolutely need support they are huge.

some kind of options box that lets you check logins are working, and options to reset the app if needed.

cleaner more modern gui and splash art.

fantastic app, it should be more famous

#61 Klaue wrote at 10/22/2017 04:28 PM (EST):
I actually had a thumb view once, but it got really really slow in bigger directories, so I decided against it in the end. That's why I added the thumb view on the right side of the image selector - still gives you a preview but doesn't make it slow. Maybe it would work with asynchronous loading of thumbs and caching of them, a bit like the windows explorer does it, but that would be plenty of work to implement and it didn't seem that important.

Twitter would be ludicrous, should I just throw away all tags? I mean, I could, but it seems wrong.. and I don't use tumblr personally, so if someone who does wants to add it, it's open source, just send me the code and I'll add it in :)

logins are handled exclusively through chrome, the program has no idea of the logins. The reasons for this is because those gallery sites don't actually have a proper API, a way for programs to handle them. That's why everything is done simulating the browser. I would have preferred it the other way, but.. well that's the best I could do until they have one.
to reset passwords, just go into chrome and delete saved passwords (or delete the chrome dir in your user home -> .FurryCrossposter, tho I didn't try that yet)

the spalsh art is marvellous :P even if not, art costs money. Would you want to pay for this just so I could add in a nicer splash? ;)
as for cleaner, I'm a power user myself, I don't want to click through 40 menus to get what I want. Yes, it's a bit overloaded, but I frankly prefer that to hiding everything away

and I agree :)

#62 wolvalix wrote at 10/23/2017 04:30 AM (EST):
I think twitter accepts tags right? and they are doubling the character cap on twitter to 280 soon so i imagine it could fit a lot of the tags. but perhaps not all humm, maybe a toggle to include tags or not on the tweet would work.
And haha, sadly i know diddly squat about code so i couldn't modify it ;<.

It seems almost a shame to leave tumblr and twitter of the options list, you have every site one could possibly want to post too apart from those 2 for completion. Like imagine flipping it and having those 2 but no furaffinity or deviant art as options, its a lot like that from the point of view of people who like to upload to tumblr and twitter.
do you think you will maybe add them?

for the splash, do you mean you would actually like to upgrade it, but want to avoid commissioning someone?

#63 Klaue wrote at 10/23/2017 03:30 PM (EST):
well maybe some time. but to be honest, someone else did a crossposter now, and that one I see promoted left and right by famous artists (mine never was) and it includes tumblr as far as I remember, so I wonder if it's not just effort for nothing.

as for splash, I like the pic. Was done by a friend of mine. Don't see what's so bad about it. But if I would, it would cost as it's a commission and I don't really see why I should do that for a program I give away for free :)

#64 wolvalix wrote at 10/23/2017 08:35 PM (EST):
do you mean the crossposter where you have to put all of your login names and passwords into on an online form? Thats always seemed insanely dangerous to me, going by furries trackrecord with security it would seem like a mistake to do it.
I don't think there is any other crossposter thats an offline app afaik

#65 Klaue wrote at 10/24/2017 11:09 PM (EST):
well that would be fine if it was open source, which it isn't as far as I can see, but most people wouldn't care.
I mean, if furry websites actually had any kind of proper API I would do it that way too XD But old projects like the galllerygrabber showed me that websites tend to make so many minuscule changes to the website source code for seemingly no reason that trying to parse it means you're constantly updating your program, just simulating the browser like I did with FC seemed like a better idea :)

#56 Drako Swiftclaw wrote at 10/27/2016 01:28 PM (EST):
Is there any way this app could also upload to Furry Booru type galleries? Drako's Den uses a Booru System for our galleries that does have an API setup.

#57 Klaue wrote at 10/28/2016 12:28 PM (EST):
well, everything you put on e621 is stolen by furrybooru automatically sooner or later. but if you mean a general furrybooru-type site, sure you could, but it would require extra work, and I'm not sure it's worth it. I mean, it isn't for me (sorry, don't use that site) but I mean I dunno if it's for anyone.
You see, picture-based instead of artist-based sites like e621 or booru tag images in a whole other way. There are no folders, no scraps, no image types, there are just tags, but you tag on them way more than you would on a normal site. I had to restrict the number of tags on furrycrossposter simply because of the size - the app is screenfilling on a common screen resolution already, making the tag fields any larger is no possibility.
I included e621 more as an afterthought. Thought 'if I get my tags from them, might as well add them', but I don't think anyone actually uses it - including me - for aforementioned reasons.

A crossposter like this does not fit well on picture-based sites as most of the features are for artist-based sites anyway.

If you still want to, feel free to adjust e621 to your needs, sources are provided.

As for API, this crossposter doesn't use them. I wanted to at the beginning but noticed that many sites have no usable one for uploading. FA has none, dA has none for uploading and so on. To keep look and feel consistent across sites, I used selenium for all of them, basically simulating browser inputs. Kinda sucks, but if a simulated browser would open for some sites and not for others, people would get confused.

#52 Guri wrote at 10/16/2016 02:30 PM (EST):
Any interest in putting this up on Github, so other people can submit pull requests?

I would be interested in contributing a plugin for Sofurry that uses the JSON Api, so it remains stable when they make theme changes:

#53 Klaue wrote at 10/17/2016 05:25 AM (EST):
I thought about that myself at the start, IB also has an usable API - decided against it because it would be weird for the user if for one site it would behave differently than for another, because other sites have no API that you could use.
never put anything on github, may have to look into that, though I dunno if something like this would stay up for long, they have a tendency to remove projects they deem inappropriate

#54 Guri wrote at 10/17/2016 10:14 AM (EST):
GitHub says:
> We may, [...] remove Content and Accounts containing Content that [is] unlawful, offensive, threatening, libelous, defamatory, pornographic, obscene or otherwise objectionable or violates any party's intellectual property or these Terms of Service.

Your program isn't pornography and is uploading clean images as well as porn. Blocking this seems similar to blocking a web browser, because that can upload porn.

Now, Github could remove it just because they feel like it, but I don't think putting it on Github would hurt. Worst case, they eventually take it down.

#55 Klaue wrote at 10/17/2016 01:16 PM (EST):
github has a clear feminist bias (they deleted a repo and its forks once just for using the word 'retard' in it's code) and I have the gut feeling that they wouldn't really like something like this here :)

#58 Graith wrote at 11/22/2016 12:05 AM (EST):
It'd probably be fine, considering is hosted thare, and is a porn game.

#59 Klaue wrote at 12/28/2016 08:47 AM (EST):
I put it on github now, btw, and I worked on using the sofurry API (because something about sofurry uploads was borked and I thought, why not)
I tried for hours getting it to work using their OTP autorisation (which works now) and

Turns out, the "File not found" didn't mean my file upload did not work.. It's their version of a fucking 404!

anyway, some code in it may be usable to try to change other stuff to API, so committed it commented out

#27 goldblaze wrote at 07/31/2016 08:02 PM (EST):
Huh, seems I can't uplaod a certain file, is there a size limit in some way?

#28 Klaue wrote at 08/01/2016 08:33 AM (EST):
not particularly. I can imagine one of two things:
1) You use linux with OpenJDK and the file is a jpg. for some reason OpenJDK can't save jpg, dunno why, so if it had to be resized, that may be the reason
2) your internet is too slow. FC gives you about a minute to upload the file, if nothing happened in that time (eg upload not finished) it assumes an error and aborts

could any of those things be the reason?

#29 goldblaze wrote at 08/01/2016 12:37 PM (EST):
Nope, as with large files, it won't let me continue to the upload stage.

#30 Klaue wrote at 08/01/2016 01:27 PM (EST):
that's weird.. I actually built in something to temporarily resize images that are too large.. gonna test that again

#31 goldblaze wrote at 08/01/2016 04:53 PM (EST):
Might be nice if it gave more time for uploads too if possible :)

#33 Klaue wrote at 08/01/2016 07:17 PM (EST):
Thought about that. The problem is: if there really was a problem, more than 1 minute would be really annoying to wait until you know :)

#32 goldblaze wrote at 08/01/2016 05:08 PM (EST):
looks like furry network is broken too, gives me the error "furrnynetwork generated an error: no such element:unable to locate element: {"method":"xpath","selector":"//img[@alt'1941986730' and contains(@src, '')]/.."}

#34 Klaue wrote at 08/01/2016 07:19 PM (EST):
Nah, FN is just horrible to automate. Such errors will pop up every once in a while. If they do, close the browser and try again, no need to change anything, more often than not it will work.
I grew to really hate FN during all of that, the most annoying site of them all.

#35 Klaue wrote at 08/01/2016 07:20 PM (EST):
btw, to test it and recreate your problem, I'd need a few infos:
- what file type was your image?
- was it too large in file size or resolution or both? also, what was that size/resolution?
- what site did you try to upload it to?

#38 g wrote at 08/02/2016 12:22 AM (EST):
PNG, I belive the resolution was 300 PPI and the size was around 8000x6000 pixels or so, and no website, didn't get past the first page on your program with it.

#41 Klaue wrote at 08/02/2016 08:17 AM (EST):
and the file size?

#14 MadMeeper wrote at 07/27/2016 01:12 PM (EST):
So I can get it to open, but I cant get google chrome to operate with it! I also accidentally logged out of the profile and cant seem to get it to generate a new one...

Also probably is worth mentioning I'm operating on a mac, but am having similar issues on a windows machine I tried it out on.

#15 Klaue wrote at 07/27/2016 11:21 PM (EST):
If you have problems with chrome, try to close all instances of it before running FC, that sometimes helps.
To generate a new instance, go to the .FurryCrossposter directory in your user's home (probably a hidden folder on mac) and delete the chrome subdirectory, that should generate you a new one next time you use it.

I can't test it at all on mac, but it should work actually :)

#16 MadMeeper wrote at 07/28/2016 01:19 AM (EST):
So I found the hidden file and flat out reinstalled it. The script runs on mac, but when it gets to the point where its time to cross post, chrome opens but doesnt redirect to the page it's supposed to. It just stays on the home page and doesn't go any farther. Eventually I get an error message that chrome had an error. Noooot sure what to do about that!

(Also I got it running on the windows machine, so I know it's working properly on windows, it's just not on OSX. I use the mac for artwork though, so it'd be better if I could use that...)

#17 Klaue wrote at 07/28/2016 02:47 AM (EST):
I had a similar problem once that seems to manifest (on all platforms) pretty mcuh by chance. Make sure you closed (ended, mac doesn't properly shutdown stuff when it's closed as far as I remember) every chrome instance and try again.
If that doesn't help, well.. I dunno

#18 MadMeeper wrote at 07/28/2016 01:02 PM (EST):
Alright well I've isolated the problem. The script runs fine on OSX when I DON'T set up a google profile for the crossposter. I've been able to test it with both having completely shut down chrome and having it open and it runs as intended. Not sure where to go from here haha.

I could run it while having to log in all the time, but what a pain hahaha

#19 Klaue wrote at 07/28/2016 01:12 PM (EST):
you need a google profile for chrome to save passwords on mac?
Seems weird, but is possible, I never ever give chrome my profile :) password saving works just as well though, just have to login once and tell it to save it

#13 MadMeeper wrote at 07/27/2016 01:08 PM (EST):
So I can get it to open, but I cant get google chrome to operate with it! I also accidentally logged out of the profile and cant seem to get it to generate a new one...

Also probably is worth mentioning I'm operating on a mac, but am having similar issues on a windows machine I tried it out on.

#7 goldblaze wrote at 07/22/2016 09:26 AM (EST):
Seems that dosin't work when trying to post to FA on the beta format.

#8 Klaue wrote at 07/22/2016 02:06 PM (EST):
Beta format? Dunno what that means.. And I successfully posted to FA yesterday
(only problem: image too large, jpg, and on linux using openjdk, a combination that shouldn't be happening for many people)

#9 goldblaze wrote at 07/22/2016 02:28 PM (EST):
click on myFA>account manangmaent>acount settings, then scroll down to the style section and look at the template dropdown.

#12 Klaue wrote at 07/22/2016 07:29 PM (EST):
Ah, a layout
I'm sorry, will only work with default layout (and language english), there's really no way to do it otherwise

#10 goldblaze wrote at 07/22/2016 05:18 PM (EST):
click on myFA>account manangmaent>acount settings, then scroll down to the style section and look at the template dropdown.

#11 goldblaze wrote at 07/22/2016 05:18 PM (EST):
click on myFA>account manangmaent>acount settings, then scroll down to the style section and look at the template dropdown.

#2 SpartaDog wrote at 07/14/2016 09:53 AM (EST):
I downloaded it and extracted, but I'm not seeing any jar files? Or anything even resembling an actual program file.

#3 Klaue wrote at 07/14/2016 02:05 PM (EST):
The jar is inside the zip you downloaded

#4 Klaue wrote at 07/14/2016 02:07 PM (EST):
dunno what that other stuff is, it isn't even inside the jar

#5 Klaue wrote at 07/14/2016 02:11 PM (EST):
Ah I think I get it
sorry for the comment flood

I'm not used to people not displaying file extensions.. Without seeing it, I can only guess.
Sometimes, winrar grabs all sorts of file extensions, including .jar.
if I'm correct, the one in the screenshot above IS the jar and you probably told winrar to grab all file extensions it could when installing it, so it overwrote java. if it indeed is the jar, "rightclick->open with-> javaw.exe in your java dir" should work

#6 Klaue wrote at 07/14/2016 02:13 PM (EST):
I should really write all in one go.. sorry if I flooded your emails

I just checked, and that stuff really is inside the jar, but not my sources (technical reasons), that's why I didn't find it at first. You can delete everything but the jar (which I assume is the bottom one, but since you don't display file extensions, it's hard to tell) again without problem, you just need the jar

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