Sherlock Holmes: The Devil's Daughter: Character Portraits

General Info

This guide was first published on Steam, but I'm the author.
Clues with multiple choices (where you can choose the wrong one) will be cursive/underlined. Order is the same order as ingame, even tho it rarely makes sense.

Chapter 1 - Pray Tell


Area of the clueCorrect clue
EyesRecent weeping
AmuletTom is 8 years old
PocketCan read and use a map
PatchCaring Parents

Lord Marsh

Area of the clueCorrect clue
BlanketHe is ill
NotebookLord Marsh's personal assistant
PillsStrong painkiller
Motif on assistantMember of a hunting club
Gold ringMan of wealth
EyesFeels unwell

Chapter 2 - A Study In Green

Alice De'Bouvier

Area of the clueCorrect clue
NecklaceOccult item
ArmbandVisits a prisoner
WristsSuicide attempt

Sir Charles

Area of the clueCorrect clue
Precious stonesPoor Quality
Breast pocketSocially active
EmblemPolitically active
Badge on sleeveEx-Military

Inspector Lestrade

Area of the clueCorrect clue
LetterLetter from the Robin family
EyesLack of Sleep
Aspirin on tableHangover
PistolIn a good mood
HandkerchiefWoman's handkerchief

Bernard Marley

Area of the clueCorrect clue
Bandaged fingerIntricate work
HandSmell of oil
AmuletsProtective charms
ElbowLeans frequently on desk
Spectacles in pocketRequired for close work


Area of the clueCorrect clue
Arm stumpCripple
EyeDiseased eye
FingersOpium den
WristBound in chains
BootsCrowded markets
NeckBound in chains

Chapter 3 - Infamy

Orson Wilde

Area of the clueCorrect clue
PocketTobacco - Holmes preferred brand
American pinAmerican pride
BootsPersonalized boots
ScarfFollows fashion trends
Mirror on waistSelf-affected

Mary Sutherland

Area of the clueCorrect clue
ShoesDidn't notice boots
NoseOften wears spectacles
RingEngagement Ring
BroochShe is rich

Jeremiah's Mother

Area of the clueCorrect clue
Painting on wallReligious image
Book on chairBible
GlassesPoor eyesight

The Dart (Percy Flemmming)

Area of the clueCorrect clue
ScarGang warfare
Tattoo on handWestgate prison tattoo
ButtonsExpensive and eccentric clothes

The Hammer (Jack Cole)

Area of the clueCorrect clue
Tattoo on armBandit's tattoo
Scars on foreheadFight
Injured knucklesBox training
Ring with hammerSelf-Affected

Chapter 4 - Chain Reaction

Benjamin Fowler

Area of the clueCorrect clue
Right handSmoker
Left handManual Worker
BandageInjured leg
Tattoo on neckGang member

Thomas Garret

Area of the clueCorrect clue
Upper armHe is poor
HandWorks with electricity
Lower armSilicosis
FaceHe is ill
BadgeAnarchist Symbol

Reginald Butcher

Area of the clueCorrect clue
ShoesRecently cleaned
BraceletDaughters Gift
RingHe is Married
BadgeRailway Worker
WaistcoatWas once prosperous