Gordian Rooms 2: Achievements Guide and collectible checklist

General Info

This guide was first published on Steam, but I'm the author. If you read this anywhere but here and on steam, yeah it's stolen. Fuck those guys. Looking at you,, you stealing jerks.

Progression Achievements

Still got it

Still got it
Finish the prologue.


Complete the maze.

Grade B

Grade B
Collect six unique tokens. Requirenment to complete the game.

Grade A

Grade A
Collect all twelve tokens.

Grade A+

Grade A+
Collect all tokens and collectibles. See "Collector" for the collectibles.

Repetition Achievements

I have the best ideas

I have the best ideas
Listen to Gabriel’s comments 100 times.
Simply click on things marked with the thought bubble, can be the same spot repeatedly.


Zoom in completely 100 times.
Use right mouse button to zoom in a 100 times. Seems only to count if zoomed in completely, button mashing will do no good.



Collect every collectible.
This list was made with the help of a Google Docs document the developer posted in the forums. I fixed some minor mistakes, added some solutions and added item names/descriptions but credit still goes to Crimsonite Games themselves for it.
The original google doc can be found here, my adapted version here (note, this is less refined than this guide, it's my notes, mainly provided as a checklist).
The highlight items button, by default left alt, is your best friend for this one. Well it's your best friend for the full game as well.

Top Secret Letters
Note: Letters are numbered in the order you find them, the first you find is always Letter #1.

Secret LetterButler's Room, at the bottom of the pavilion
Secret LetterAmelia's Room, trashcan
Secret LetterAdmiral's Room, among the firewood
Secret LetterMaster Bathroom Toilet, behind the cabinet
Secret LetterAdmiral's room - Obtained by solving the piper mail puzzle. Solution: [spoiler]Both machines have to be set to 50, Butler room has all buttons pressed but top right, Admiral study has all buttons pressed but bottom left[/spoiler]

The Art of Gordeaux

Art of Gordeaux #1Chef's room, on top of the Tin can rack, visible from the sides
Art of Gordeaux #2Kitchen, inside one of the stoves
Art of Gordeaux #3Secret cabin (garden), in one of the cabbage crates
Art of Gordeaux #4Basement, near the pumpkin crate, on the shelf under the purple cloth
Art of Gordeaux #5Shore, in the macaron box - Need a Crowbar from the Chef's room to open it

For whom the bell tolls

Butler BellLocation
Admiral's BellOn his balcony, behind the balcony door
Della's BellIn her bathroom, wall puzzle, press buttons right to lift all obstacles
Bella's BellUnder the left side of her desk
Amelia's BellIn the side of the piano in her room. Only visible if both big wheels are set to the bell
Madame's BellOn the long table in the workshop, behind one of the mannequins

Refined selection of wines

Wine from 1918Chef's room, behind the divider, on the white chair
Wine from 1902Maze Ritual (labyrinth center), bottom of the tree
Wine from 1889 Basement, on a table, reward for solving the pyramid button puzzle
Wine from 1911Garage, next to the poker table
Wine from 1899Kitchen, storage, inside the cabinet blocked by the movable sack

Strange Portraits

Ducreaux Picture TitleLocation
"I'm talking to you"In the garage, on the top shelf next to the door leading inside
"How about lowering your voice?"In the badminton court, under one of the wooden chairs
"I'm shocked and overwhelmed"Della's room, next to the Ritual wardrobe
"I'm a little less shocked and overwhelmed"In the Master Bedroom, behind the yellow armchair, in the windowsill
"Keep talking, I'm listening..."In the Bungalow (labyrinth center), in the cabinet with glass doors, top shelf, left corner

The Voodoo Ritual

Fruit pictureLocation
Single round yellow fruitGardeners living room, on the bookshelf
Single round red fruitGardener kitchen, on the shelf above the sink
Two round yellow fruits (1)Gardeners bathroom, upper cabinet
Two round yellow fruits (2)Gardeners Bedroom, on the dressing drawers
Two round red fruitsGardeners Bedroom, on the shelf, next to the paper boxes
Two yellow fruitsGardeners bedroom, on the nightstand
Three round green fruitsGardeners Secret Cabin, on the table that is in front of the cabbage with a hat
Three red fruitsGardeners Secret Cabin, at the top shelf of the cabinet
Not picture, Voodoo DollDella's bathroom, inside the Ouija Board Box opposite the toilet, opened by the box in the bathtub

My Sweet Collection

Bonbon desciptionLocation
Black, round, with star tips and yellow dotsBungalow (labyrinth center) on the counter next to some berries
Brown square with X on topPier near lighthouse, next to the munching seagull in a color coded box - Solution under the dark pink umbrella, [spoiler]black, blue, yellow, red, white, purple, green, orange[/spoiler]
White, round with black circlesLookout table, next to the berries
Black, ElongatedBadminton court Gazebo plate
White, round, black tip and red circlesBella's room, on the table with the other sweets
White, round, black tip and orange dots on itKitchen, at the bottom shelf of the white fridge
Brown, heart-shapedSalon, at the bottom of the food cart, on a stack of dishes

Sword collection

Sword #1Mansion Foyer coat hanger
Sword #2Mansion Inner Courtyard Balcony, in one of the red flowerpots
Sword #3Alfonz Secret Cabin table
Sword #4Garden Excalibur rock
Sword #5Salon Fireplace

Elegant masks

Floral, short nose, normal coverageIn the Fashion Show, on one of the mannequins
Floral (and red), long nose, only eye coverIn the Gazebos (Labyrinth center), at the bottom of the center most red column
Floral (white), short nose, full face coverIn the Garden, on the statue next to the garage
Floral, short nose, only eye coverIn the Workshop Balcony, on top of the black lamp
Red (not floral), long nose, only eye coverIn the Basement, one one of the mannequins
Orange (not floral), short nose, normal coverageIn the Workshop, on one of the mannequins on the long table
Pink, short nose, full face coverIt is in the Mask wardrobe in Amelia's room, you can just pick it up
Beige/white, short nose, only eye coverIn the Secret Cabin, on a bookshelf, behind a green cloth

Observation diaries

Diary: HY / TYShore, under the starting pier, on the left side
Diary: MZ / XGarden, under the entrance lion's paw at the mansion entrance
Diary: BA / DEGarden, at the secret cliff spot not far from the chopped wood shack
Diary: FA / TRAdmiral's Secret Room, behind the curtain
Diary: BT / LRLighthouse, in one of the windowsills
Diary: DE / BAOn the sisters' balcony, among the railing, close to where the telescope is.
Diary: RT / XDWestern shore, at the hidden path, after the pier with the pigeon

Spots for True Inspiration
Don't forget to pick up both painting and note

Inspirational SpotLocation
Painting and note #1Maze, central square
Painting and note #2On the balcony of the Sisters
Painting and note #3On the balcony of the Lighthouse
Painting and note #4Basement
Painting and note #5Lookout

Spy in the manison
Both secret folders and keys.

TargetLocation FolderLocation Key
AdmiralGarden, under the bench which is opposite the Mansion terraceGarden, on top of the large swing
MadameGarden, on a rock, to the left of the LookoutGarden, in the bird water fountain, left of the mansion entrance
GardenerGardener Bathroom, in the bottom left part of the glass cabinetGardener WC, in the back of the toilet paper pyramid
ChefGarden, on the roof of the wood storage shackGarden, on the tree next to the garage
AmeliaGarage, on a cardboard box, visible from the entranceGreenhouse, behind the metal saw, in a flowerpot
ButlerGarden,. behind the chives in the vegetable gardenGarden, on a bench next to the fountain

Sketch cards
The card numbers are arbitary

Card numberLocation
1Servant's Quarter Balcony, on the bench, inside the book
2Bella's bathroom, inside the bathtub
3Bungalow bookshelf
4Butler's room, on his desk among the envelopes
5Della's room, small picture on table
6Garage, under the car, need to access the barred section first
7Workshop, on the board with the pictures
8Chef's room, bottom of the shelf, behind the pavilion, need to move the ladder to access
9Garden, on one of the benches where the ducks are
10Salon, Loft, on a table, next to a cup of green tea
11Servant room with purple walls, at the bottom of the wardrobe
12Lighthouse balcony, at the bottom of the wall
13Della's bathroom, under the bell puzzle
14Island stairs, in the arms of the statue
15Bella's room, behind the gramophone
16Workshop Storage, inside the blue handbag
17Library 1st floor, between books
18Alfonz Kitchen, in the top cabinet
19Alfonz bedroom, table with the apple drawings
20Admiral's Balcony, next to the fruit basket on the small table
21Garden, in the hand of one of the headless statues
22In the Foyer, under a stair, need to look up while going out from the library
23In the Garage, on the table with the cards
24Amelia's room, inside the telephone drawer

The doors and the plaques
The plaques are always hidden inside the room they're for.

RoomLocation inside room
Bungalow (labyrinth center)Under the gramophone
Admiral's studyOn top of a red cabinet
Amelia's roomOn the bookshelf next to the balcony door
Bella's roomIn the WC, on the top of the cabinet
Butler's roomIn the hand of the mannequin
Chef's roomAt the top shelf of the wardrobe
Della's roomAt the bottom of her WC door
Dining roomAt the leg of a radiator
Gardener BedroomBehind a flowerpot
KitchenOn a chair
LibraryGround floor, step on the small ladder, crouch down and look at the side of the bookcase
SalonIn the glass cabinet at the top of the Loft
Servant courtyardIn the corner, behind the entry door, need to close it
Leisure roomBottom drawer of the wardrobe
Kitchen StorageAt the bottom of a moving ladder - need to move it first
WorkshopInside a compartment of the sewing machine

Wooden Wheels

Broken decorated wheelIn the gardeners bathroom, next to the toilet in the metal basin
Decorated wheelIn the garage, inside the hung up boat
Plain wheelIn the Greenhouse on one of the shelves
Broken plain wheelIn the gardeners bedroom, under the corkboard

The numbers are arbitrary

1Shore, in the shack with the Shell puzzle, hanging from above
2Labyrinth Part 1, follow the yellow cable, when it turns to the right and you can go to the left continue there, it is on the ground on a black railing
3Labyrinth Gazebos, under a marble bench
4Labyrinth Part 2, follow the purple cable, after a big open section it turn to the left, there you continue straight on, the path will turn to the right and then backwards, it is on the side on a black railing
5Garden, After exiting the maze you can find a wooden archway behind the Plant puzzle with the green needles, go under it and look up
6Garden, in the little shack with firewood, you can spot if you crouch down
7Garden, Playground, you need to climb the highest playground object and you can pick it up on one end
8Alfonz secret house Cabinet (Code clue: The pyramid, «Fuity Note» and depictions on the bookshelfes in the house. [spoiler]Cabbage-Strawberry-Pear-Cherry-Chilli-Apple[/spoiler])
9Reward for Alfonz secret house Folders
10Reward for Admiral sword collection
11Reward for Observation diaries
12Reward for Observation diaries
13Reward for Bella Bonbons
14Reward for Della Ritual
15Reward for Sketch cards in the Workshop
16Reward for the scoring all 5 goals in the Garden
17Reward for Door plaques, in the Servant Storage drawer
18Reward for Door plaques, Butler's room, desk drawer
19Stone drawer, unlocked after completing the cleaning task in the servant's courtyard. Code is [spoiler]6487[/spoiler]
20At the end of the tunnel
21Reward for Art of Gordeaux
22Reward for Wine collection
23Reward for Mask collection
24Reward for Strange portraits
25Reward for Butler bells
26Reward for TOP SECRET letters
27Shore, Behind the horseshoe dispenser machine
28Salon, inside the cupboard, behind the pillow
29Reward for Inspiration paintings (Horseshoe is at the overlook)
30Garden, flower garden, hanging in the gazebo

Collection related achievements

By the sword!

By the sword!
Finish the admiral’s sword collection.
The location of the swords can be found under "Sword Collection" in Collector (Part 1). To get the achievement to pop, you have to correctly arrange them in the secret study.

SolutionLook for white marks on the sword wall and have the tip of the swords point at them

Creative Freedom

Creative Freedom
Sort out all the creative paintings.
The location of the paintings can be found under "Spots for True Inspiration" in Collector (Part 2). To get the achievement to pop, you have to place each painting in the correct easel. For that, read the notes.

Correct locationsLabyrinth center: Ship in storm, Cellar: Old man reading the papers, Sisters balcony: Icy tree, Lighthouse: Old man reading a book and finally Overlook: Ducks.
The Horseshoe as a reward is at the overlook easel.

Culinary massacre

Culinary massacre
Collect all of the the Chef’s special recipes.
The location of the recipes can be found under "The Art of Gordeaux" in Collector (Part 1). To get the achievement to pop, arrange the recipes in the chef's bedroom. Order:


Start horsing around

Start horsing around
Collect all horseshoes.
See Collector (Part 3).

I Spy

I Spy
Collect all of Amelia's diaries.
The location of the diaries can be found under "Observation diaries" in Collector (Part 2). To get the achievement to pop, solve the puzzle to gain access to Amelia's secrets using the torn notes found in Bella and Della's rooms, then insert the diaries.
The content of the two torn notes in case you can't find them:

SolutionDial mask on the table and dress on the balcony, close all doors but the toilet door (this includes bathroom door), close all drawers on makeup table except top left and middle right, open the bottom dresser drawer, open both doors of mask cabinet, open only left door of wardrobe, close every drawer of her desk, close telephone drawer, open piano lid.

Odd wheel out

Odd wheel out
Assemble Alfonz’s wheel collection.
The location of the wheels can be found under "Wooden wheels" in Collector (Part 2). To get the achievement to pop, arrange the wheels in the gardeners house. Order:

Solutionfancy, fancy broken, normal, normal broken

Peculiar pictures

Peculiar pictures
Find all the Joseph Ducreux paintings.
The location of the pictures can be found under "Strange portraits" in Collector (Part 1). To get the achievement to pop, arrange the portraits in the master bedroom. Behind the picture places is an outline of the hand.

Premium wines

Premium wines
Assemble the Chef’s wine collection.
The location of the wines can be found under "Refined selection of wines" in Collector (Part 1). To get the achievement to pop, arrange the wines in the basement. Add together the values of the chips.

Correct order1918 - 1889 - 1911 - 1902 - 1899

Spy Game

Spy Game
Read the TOP SECRET letters.
The location of the letters can be found under "Top secret letters" in Collector (Part 1). To get the achievement to pop, put them all in the drawer in the study. To open the drawer, complete the sign under the sword with the cryptic sign between the lounger and the wall -> "Open sesame". Type that into the typewriter to reveal the key for the top secret drawer next to the sword.

Traitor in the Mansion

Traitor in the Mansion
Sort out the secret reports.
The location of the folders and the keys can be found under "Spy in the mansion" in Collector (Part 2). To get the achievement to pop, arrange them in the secret cabin. Make a note which key is used to open a drawer and put that folder in the drawer, easier than squinting at the pictures.

You rang M'Lord?

You rang M'Lord?
Ring every bell in the game.
The location of the bells and the keys can be found under "For whom the bell tolls" in Collector (Part 1).

Croquet time!

Croquet time!

Play an unconventional game of croquet.
For this achievement, you must first collect all the croquet heads (3) and croquet doors (4) that are strewn about in the croquet court. They are hard to see, use the "highlight items" button extensively. Then you must hit doors in the color of the doors on the operating table three times for the three sequences. Note one door only counts once, for the longest sequence you need to pass a door twice, it will only count once. You have to start with the shortest sequence and build up, as you don't have enough doors at the start.
The putters will automatically hit the ball if it stops in front of them. The starting machine is always the one at the bottom left if viewed from the table.
Different croquet heads have different strengths. If installed in the first machine, the strengths are: Blue stops just before the first gate, Red stops in the first gate, orange reaches the second machine and purple reaches the third machine.


Croquet overview 4-gate-sequence: Install blue gate in "j", purple gate in "f". Install orange head in "M", blue head in "E", red head in "F"
This will open a door on the red putter with a gate and a head.
5-gate-sequence: Install green gate in "j", purple gate in "f", blue gate in "c". Install orange head in "M", blue head in "E", purple head in "F"
This will open a door on the golden putter with two heads.
6-gate-sequence: Install purple gate in "j", yellow gate in "k", red gate in "f", blue gate in "c", green gate in "b". Install purple head in "M", orange head in "D", blue head in "I", red head in "J", purple head in "F"

Working under pressure

Working under pressure

Fix the plumbing in the garden.
In The green house, you'll find both a diagram and a "Maintenance note" pinned to it. This is all the information you need, but not all the tools.
You'll need two big metal wheels to fix two disassembled valves. The first one can be found behind the gardeners house. To release it, you'll need the hammer that lies on the garages windowsill, obtainable from the outside. The other big metal wheel is past the excalibur sword and the red way back to the starting shore. You'll need the padlock key, found in the garage above the bikes, to release that one.
Once you have the wheels and the info, let's get to work. According to the maintenance note, D always goes to G no mattes which way you turn it, H needs to be included as it has a filter, A and E are not connected (blocked pipe), F and H are not connected (no pipe at all), A and B are 180° wrong.
Not stated, but A is the source of the water.
This leaves us with this:
The red lines are clogged/non existent pipes. The blue line is what we want.
Set all the wheels according to the blue line, with the building in the middle as a reference point (the half circle is the entrance door, the front of the mansion points rightwards) making sure A and B point opposite where they ought to go, and the achievement will pop.
Facing the mansion, that means A forwards, D any direction, G backwards, C to the left, B backwards, F to the left, E to the left, (still facing mansion but now from behind) H to the left, K to the left.

Dining in

Dining in

Cook and serve the dinner.
Collect the ingredients for the soup of the decade:
Carrots - Gardener living room
Beans, tomato juice - chef's room, in cans
Potato - Basement, on table
Chilled cheese - White fridge in kitchen (open green, red, blue, yellow fridges in order)
Salt - Kitchen storage (locked cabinet, hint is on the wall of the kitchen, around the corner from storage entrance, position the ladders like on the meal menu)
Dice everything on the kitchen counter. Fetch the pan from the counter, fill it with water with the only faucet that can do that (the one below the soup-of-the-decade chalkboard), put it on the stove and start the stove using the button inside the oven. Put all ingredients in, fetch the soup and put it on the dinner table.

Dining out

Dining out

Solve the picnic mystery.
In the chef's room is a "Knife to meat you" poster. The knifes are numbered, and oh, there are knife boards on the wall with a weird assortment of knifes.
Use those knife boards to get 4 codes of different length.

The codes2897, 11959, 228567 and 2885675
Out in the garden are 4 picnic baskets which have differing amounts of digits needed to unlock. One is in the gazebo left of the house, one is a bit further where the excalibur sword and red gate to the shore is, one is on the badminton court and the last one is in front of the gardeners house.
Collect the safe knobs from all of them and return to the chefs room. Assemble all the knobs (and the safe handles if you haven't, they're all in the room), then look at the ceiling for the save code.
SolutionMiddle knob up, then from the top knob counter-clockwise lower left, lower right, upper right, left.

Dress Code

Dress Code

Dress up the mannequins.
There are two mannequins to dress.
One is in the fashion show in the labyrinth center. As this one is a must for progression to the house, I'll skip the description here (in short: dress the mannequin on stage with the hairpin, belt, umbrella and fan that are on the mannequins you can't take them from and on the roof). The second mannequin is in the workshop.
Gather all the hats you can find (pink one is in the cabinet behind boxes as you enter the workshop, white one is on the chair right next to it, blue one in the briefcase on the long table, purple one in the workshop storage on the windowsill, yellow one right next to it). Gather all the shoes you can find (all in workshop storage, yellow pair in the shelf as you enter, red dead ahead opposite door, black right next to the windowsill where the purple hat was, beige in cabinet below painting and unobtainable blue shoes)
Solve the mirror puzzle boxes in the courtyard and on the workshop balcony to gain two hints and two keys.
Puzzle box solutions (click on image to get full size):
Blue puzzle boxGreen puzzle box
Red puzzle boxYellow puzzle box

Use the keys to open the two locked shelves in the workshop.
Dress up the mannequin using the hints from the puzzle boxes (the correct cloth is in the box), high on and on the workshop wall left of it and in the window frame of the workshop storage.

Dining out The correct solution is blue hat, purple blouse, checkered orange skirt, beige shoes

Green Thumb

Green Thumb

Become a botanical mastermind.
Go to the gardener's bedroom and look at the wall poster to find out about roman numerals: I = 1, V = 5, X = 10, C = 100, D = 500, M = 1000 (and this game's special version, a V with a line over it = 5000). As with real life roman numerals, a smaller numeral in front of a bigger one means the bigger one minus the smaller one. CM is 900 (1000 - 100) while MC is 1100 (1000 + 100), for example.
Other hints are in "Secret Codes 1.0" and "Secret Codes 1.1". Forgot where they are but I think in the gardeners house and garage respectively - write a comment if you know.
From secret codes 1.0, we learn that each column of buttons stands for one digit, top button is 4, middle button is 2, lower button is 1.
From secret codes 1.1, we learn that numbers larger than 7 (1+2+4) are put in by first having all buttons in a column pressed (7) and then pressing the button for 1 or 2 in the next column. So 972 and 7272 and 99 results in the same buttons.
Using this knowledge, go open all 5 plant boxes in the garden. All but one have roman numerals on them, some times quite well hidden, the last one, next to entrance from the labyrinth with a pin on top, has the solution on the tree next to it.
Bring those plants back to the gardeners house and place them on the "scales" in his living rooms to find out what they stand for. Knowing this, read the note you found in the gardeners house, "Gardeners Poem". It tells you how to arrange the plants on the scales.

The orderm knowing what each plant stands forApple, carrot, cabbage, corn, grapes -> plant with small round leaves, plant with big leaves, plant with white flowers, plant with long pointy leaves, plant with red flowers

This will open the compartment, getting you the plant name plaques.
Leave the house and go to the vegetable garden in front of it. 2 plant pots have seed packets on them making it easy for you, the rest you must determine by the text on the plaques.
The correct order for the plaquesClockwise order from entry door: Basil, Bay Laurel, Chives, (Coriander), Parsley, (Lemon Balm), Oregano, Peppermint, Thyme, Sage

Naval Studies

Naval Studies

Find out what the Admiral is hiding.
Find the cryptic sign for the cabinet in the Admiral's study (there are two, one between the shelves which you'll want, one between the lounger and the wall) and install it on the cabinet (-> open project). Type that code (openproject) using the typewriter, revealing the Project: Project wall.
Read the Project: Project signs and then go to answer the three questionnaires, one in the study, one on the study balcony and one in the master bedroom.
The Answers: [Spoiler]Project Mars (study): Confectionery, not enough data, false, false.Project Pluto (balcony): Sweets + seeing others in distress, (all 3), (none), Venus + Pluto. Project Venus (master bedroom): 0.026.. hours, false, Venus, (none).
This will cause a direction to highlight on all questionnaires, N for Pluto and Venus, W for Mars. It will also open the cabinet where you installed the sign. Open it.
Inside are three busts, labeled Venus, Mars and Pluto. On the cabinet door are also three arrows. All busts have two buttons, one which changes the position and one which turns them.
Have them all in the position of the arrows and facing the direction highlighted on their quiz boards. Which direction is north can be determined by the compass that is in the drawer of the table in the master bedroom.

SolutionNorth is to the right of the drawer. Have Venus on the left facing right, have Mars on the right facing away from you, have Pluto on the right facing right.

Part time butler

Part time butler

Get ready for dinner.
First collect all the ingredients for setting a dinner table: Plates, Napkins and Figurines.
Plates: Green one is on the wagon in dining room, beige one in the kitchen counter opposite the door, red one is above pans on kitchen wall, black one is in the oven, blue one is in kitchen sink.
Figurines: Giraffe is in the middle left drawer of the makeup table in Amelia's room, Unicorn is in Bella's room under the phone, Spider is in Della's room on the purple table, Fox is in the workshop storage at the window, Stag is in master bathroom on the sink.
Napkins: All 5 napkins are strewn about in the butler's room.
Now get the dinner rules from the locked cabinet in the dining room. The code is in the butler's room. 4 numbers on his to do list are circled (6,7, 8, 9) and the to do list contains a note "rules (arrow up)", so the code is 9876.
The rules determine where each item goes. You can cheat with the figurines if you remember where you found them. If you're anything like me and would have forgotten that if you didn't take notes for steam guide, don't fret, the dinner rules don't rely on that knowledge.

Correct placementHead of the table: Stag, pink napkin, green plate. Right of the table (with a single seat able to set): Giraffe, blue napkin, blue plate. Left of the table bottom (leftmost): Unicorn, green napkin, red plate. Left of the table middle: Fox, red napkin, beige plate. Left of the table top (rightmost): Spider, beige napkin, black plate.

Part-time librarian

Part-time librarian

Sort out the library.
Collect the chess game notes "Note regarding chess" (on table with chess board), Note about chess (On chair of upper floor), Excerpt from Strange chess rules (in lower library door).
Collect all the 6 chess pieces in the library (and all the 5 books while you're at it), the highlight-items-button is your friend yet again.
Solve the chess board withe Amelia's special rules.

SolutionTop to bottom, left to right: Queen, bishop, knight, pawn, king, rook.

This reveals "A note about chess lectures" in which the admiral tells us he prepared a puzzle wall in which you have to input all possible moves according to Amelia's rules one step further. This is the big checkered wall.
Now, personally I'm still somewhat sure that is not according to the rules, as some seem to need at last two movements because some pieces are set in place in relation to each other and not free to move in a single play, but the correct solution is this:
Puzzle wall
After this, flip the switch next to the puzzle.
This opens the diagram on the upper floor:
Puzzle wall
The bookshelves on this are swapped vertically (the upper ones are on the lower floor) but left to right they're accurate. The middle at the bottom looks wrong because the top right in the drawing has a gap and the shelf itself has no gap there - this is probably a bug, it is the middle shelf.
The books you found have numbers on them. The side the numbers are on doesn't matter, all are valid. All but one of the books only have a single place where they could fit according to the diagram, and the remaining one is set because another book with just one possible place takes up one of the two possibilities.
SolutionBlue 4: Old Christmas. Red 6: Sonnets of three centvries. Yellow 3: The Blue Bird. Red 1: Folk Tales From Many Lands. Green 5: Poems and Songs of Fairyland. Green 2: The Vicar of Wakefield.

The perfect fragerance

The perfect fragerance

Put the perfumes to good use.
First you need all 9 perfumes. They are hidden inside the sisters rooms, many hidden behind small puzzles.
You know from the other achievements that I would detail where to find each - if I noted it down, which I did not. So, well, good luck :D
Once you have all 9, go to the big cabinet in Amelia's room and open it. You're faced with a puzzle and 3 empty perfume spots.
The puzzle needs not much more info, but the perfume spots are determined by the animals in the puzzle and the animals associated with the perfumes (open inventory and look at the perfume bottles, each has an animal printed on it). The order is determined by three hints hidden around the rooms. One, for the first puzzle, is in the top right drawer of Amelia's makeup table, the one for the second puzzle is on the wall to the right of the cabinet, around the corner, the last one is in Della's bathroom, next to the sink.
Once you solve this first puzzle, it will continue in the same vein 2 more times, so allow me to concatenate:

First puzzle solutionYou'll need to click bottom left 2 times, top right 2 times, top left one time and bottom left one time. The perfume order is bear - fox - squirrel.
Second puzzle solutionYou'll need to click top left 2 times, bottom left one time, top right 2 times, top left one time. The perfume order is eagle - kangaroo - frog.
Third puzzle solutionThe click puzzle doesn't actually matter, just place the perfumes, but for completeness' sake, you'll need to click bottom right 3 times, top left one time, bottom right one time, top right one time, bottom right one time, top left two times, top right two times, bottom right one time, top left 5 times, top right 2 times and once on bottom right. The perfume order is elephant - crocodile - lion.

Treasure hunting

Treasure hunting

Find Amelia’s treasure.
Go to Amelia's room and find 3 treasure maps.
The first one is in her wardrobe next to the bed - be sure to also pick up the slab. The second one is in the mask cabinet. The third one is in her secret hiding place, see "I Spy" achievement on how to open it. The only one that matters for the achievement is the third one, but let's be thorough.
Blue puzzle box
All three are digging spots, you need the shovel from the garage for them. The first two will reveal slabs and aren't really necessary for the achievement, they're on weirdly colored ground on the western shore, one about in the middle of the way down and the horseshoe one-armed-bandit, one shortly before the tree outcropping in front of the lighthouse.
The third one, to the right of where you started the whole game (ignoring tutorial) will reveal a huge puzzle box.
This alone unlocks the achievement, but for completeness' sake, let's continue:
First step is the signs on the corners. For each row, one sign will be red and fixed, just turn the rest to fit the first. This will lower the outermost walls. Now you have two walls you can't interact with and two walls opposite them where you can. Turn the symbols on a wall where you can turn and the symbols opposite (that you can't manually interact with) turn as well. Turn each symbol so the opposite wall is all right side up. This will expand the box. Climb on top of it and insert the slabs (one from Amelia's wardrobe, the two you dug up and the one lying to the side of the very console you stand in front of). Turn the knob so it's still on yellow and points to the right, the right side of the puzzle will light up. Turn each symbol that has an arrow pointed at it. Advance the knob on top one space and turn once and do the same with the now light up side, repeat 2 more times.