Dangeresque: The Roomisode Triungulate: Walkthrough & Achievements guide

General Info

This guide was first published on Steam, but I'm the author. Yes, I actually wrote it, not like the losers at GamePretty or SteamAH that just autocollected it from steam and put it on their own websites. Jokes on them tho, as this was a bit of an evolving guide, they only got an early draft :D

General achievement hint

For Achievement "Stuff Talka Room X", talk to everything. I added reminders to talk to things that become unavailable after that spot in the guide, but not for every item. I also added a list of all the items for those achievements at the end.

Roomisode 0 - Tutorial

Roomisode 1 - Just the optional Points/Achievements

Roomisode 1 - Walkthrough

Starting out

Lets get several achievements out of the way early.

(Points so far: 8)
Getting photographic evidence
(Points so far: 91)
Getting physical evidence
(Points so far: 121)
Put together evidence and mark case as solved

Roomisode 2 - Just the optional Points/Achievements

Roomisode 2 - Walkthrough

Opening the car hood
(Points so far: 5)
Calming down Renaldo
(Points so far: 20)
Get the manual
(Points so far: 122)
Defuse the bomb

Roomisode 3 - Just the optional Points/Achievements

Roomisode 3 - Walkthrough

Starting out

Those steps actually would belong to other solutions below, but because of achievements they should be done first.

(Points so far: 18)
Secure kitchen door
(Points so far: 43)
Secure cask hole
(Points so far: 73)
Secure front door
(Points so far: 93)
Secure the phone
(Points so far: 138)
Make the cocktaile

Other achievements

Well, just one: Breaker of Pipes.
In the Post-Game Bonus Content (after Roomisode 3 or using the shades in the main menu), clicking on Homestar runner makes him do a hurricane kick.
Use that to kick all the kickable stuff: The "Ended" text in the lower left, the chair, the phone (stand in front of the desk, not to its side) and the ashtray

Stuff Talka Item List

Stuff talka can be an annoying achievement to get, so I decided to add this section with a list of items that need to be talked to. Always talk to stuff before you pick it up!

Stuff Talka 1

Available from the get go, from left to right:
Door, Filene Cabinay, Rug, Safe, Takeout, Window, Windowsill, Lamp, Desque, Phone, Ashtray, Coffee, Chair, Light switch, Case file

Available later on, in chronological order if you follow my guide:
Files, Camera, Sweet'n'sour sauce, Biz card, UNsolved stamp

Note, Rug/Exposed floor and the open and closed window count as the same object. You can talk to the photo and the barf bag if you place them on the window sill, this doesn't count towards the achievement tho.

Stuff Talka 2

Available from the get go, from left to right:
Trashcan, Sign, Pressure plate, Streetlight, Hood, Street debris, Stop light, Drain, Finger sign

Available later on, in chronological order if you follow my guide:
Engine, tire iron, Meltshake cup, Sewer cap, Antenna, Nice ride, Sewer hole, CrackInWall, Sewer Water, Guide, Ladder, Chunk rock, Toolbox, Bricks (any of the 3 spots will do), Wire cutters

Stuff Talka 3

Available from the get go, from left to right:
Photos, Wine casks, TV, StatueGuy, Shield, Rusty Shield, Napkin, Phone, Kitchen door, Check, Candle, Terminal, Cabinet, Glass, Wine glass, Statue

Available later on, in chronological order if you follow my guide:
TV Remote, Statue Hand, Dagger, Spaghetti, Cleaner, Satellite, Cocktail glass